Hello Friends! This is Shafik, another guy around the block trying to make it in life, and have abit of fun whilst doing so. In my professional life, I deliver high quality software within tight timelines. In my personal life, I can either be found with my wife, training my dog or tinkering with the personal websites that I manage.

image showing a winding road with the words "Fresh Start" to represent motivation

For those of you who know me you’d know I’ve been off social media and people stalk me by checking my wife’s instagram. And for those who doesn’t know me – fingers crossed this blog let’s you know me a little better (for better or for worst lol). So here goes!


Having been in the professional world for 5 years, there has been an intense focus of trying to make it. Most of my hours are spent on delivering software within tight timelines, as well as garnering skillsets that would allow for you to optimize the software development lifecycle. The end goal is a successful deliver of high quality software, which will please the stakeholders.

But as the saying goes, change is the only constant. For me I’ve recently shifted into a new home, and got introduced to a new furry companion.

Image showing my new estate and my furry companion - my new dog

And also, the wife has decided to spin off her own business and make some magic. For those of you who would like to consult professionals that specializes in behaviour modification – Animal and Dog Behaviour Modification!
Image showing a dog training company - pet coach SG

These changes have not been there for very long, but it’s forcing me to reprioritize my time and focus away from my professional work. As such, I am no longer able to focus 150% of my energy into a very narrow domain - delivering good software.

And that is why I created this blog! In the spirit of trying to make it in life lol – I have decided to share my life experiences, so that I can capture all these off the job skillsets that I am picking up. Also, being lackluster in my social media presence, this might perhaps make up for that digital footprint in the internet or interweb etc.

There has also been a big push for documentation at my workplace lately, so I’ll start by documenting my life.

Image showing someone documenting a procedure on his clipboard to highlight the push for documentation

As a software delivery manager, the idea is to be a skilled generalist anyway – so there are definitely benefits to expanding my perceived skillset haha!

So without further ado, please find the implementation plan for this blog below:

The Plan for my Blog

A short breakdown of how this blog is planned to be structured:

  1. Easing into my New Home: This section will detail experiences of moving into my new home. Secret, my new home is at Kallang.

  2. The Canine Chronicles of Kallang: And This section will detail experiences of bringing up a new dog. For someone with zero dog experience – think we can expect a zero-to-hero styled section here.

  3. IT Support for an Entrereneur: No prizes for the best guess here – yes the entrepreneur is my wife. And it’s I do my due diligence as a good husband to help wherever I can.

  4. My Professional Journey: Could not resist slipping in some credibility. All in the spirit of trying to make it.

  5. Tech Related Shenanigans: This will take you guys through the tech world from my personal lenses – coming from a non-tech background. Would be interesting to see how this section pans out.

  6. Personal Experiences: And this section will detail personal experiences such as meditation, mental health, productivity and much more. Essentially, anything that cannot fit into the other categories will come to this section – can’t go wrong since this section is personal to me haha!

  7. Friends of Walakaka: This section aims to make the blog less self-centric, by checking out other people. Idea is so that people don’t get bored reading just about me.

Thank you!

Lastly, if you guys made it this far, I’d like to thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to give us feedback – constructive criticism please, no haters because my heart can’t take it. Please do holla, if you wanna sync up or chat on the nuances on how we can improve software delivery, or tips and tricks on dog training methodologies!

But yes - thank you ^^. Been a pleasure writing this, and hope it was a pleasure reading it too.

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Peace and Love
Shafik Walakaka

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