Hello! To start of with, I will list out the different concepts or technologies that you’d need to be familiar with to start a Jekyll powered blog hosted on Github pages.

For reference, that is the engine used to power the blog you are reading right now.

If you are curious, you can checkout the source code directly Here

Concepts required

We’ve split the concepts into two categories. With the basic concepts, you can already get started and test out a Jekyll Powered Blog. In fact, we have the step-by-step article which you can follow here!

But additional customization would require knowledge of the Good To Know stuff.

Basic Concepts

The following concepts would be minimally required:

  1. Markdown Syntax
  2. GitHub and Git

Additional Good To Know

To fully be in control of the content, it’d be encourage to also understand these concepts:

  1. Ruby Framework (basic understanding of Ruby Components)
  2. Jekyll Server (or the concepts of servers in general)
  3. CICD (basic understanding of CICD flows)
  4. Custom Domain Names (basic understanding to obtain your own custom domain)
  5. DNS (basic understanding to configure your domain to point to your Jekyll Site on Github Pages)

Table of contents

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